Sunday, 19 April 2009

My new bag!!

If I have to name one thing I {love}, I would definitely go with bags! Well, yes, I also have a thing for shoes, summer dresses and big necklaces! But yes, bags is where I really *invest* my money! This piece of art, however, came free! Better, it was a surprise gift from my adorable boyfriend! You want to know the reason behind this very much appreciated gesture? A sleepless night! At 2.30 am last Friday I was forced to leave the bedroom; Rob's cold had become umberable and very noisy so that I could not sleep. I moved to the main room and tried to sleep on the couch. It goes without saying that I did not sleep much! At 6.30 Rob woke up to go to the hospital, he was now feeling poorly and needed to see a doctor. At 8.15 my alarm clock went off: I had to go tutor Latin to the other side of the city. I was sooo tired! Long story short, once back home a few hours later I found Rob already at home, feeling already a bit better after taking antibiotics, and a huge shopping bag on the table...the rest, you know it already!
Isn't he the best boyfriend ever!?

Gaia: as you can see, our obsession for Paul Smith continues :)


  1. I told u everything yesterday...on the phone!!!!...but it doesn't work with me!!! ; )

  2. One word for Roby...wonderfull!