Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Day After

So, Valentine's Day is over...did you have a nice time?
I was at a conference all day friday and all day saturday, lucky me! Thankfully, Rob is so special! He took care of everything; went to Borough market and bought so many delicious things to have for dinner, from appetisers to dessert!
He also got me amazing roses (see pic- the card with the two birds is the one I picked for Rob, another wonderful Caroline Gardner's work of art!) and 5 gifts; he gave me the gifts one at the time and it was really exciting to see what was next...In order as I received them:
1) Miu Miu alphabet brooch
2) Chanel blue satin nail colour
3) 4 Clinique facial products
4) Nigella Express
5) Diorissimo perfume
Pretty nice gifts, ah?
And what did you do? Did you go out or did you stay in?
**I bought the door hanger at a car-boot sale in Durham (North England) for 0.50 pence!! Can you believe it!??**


  1. Your Valentine's day was very special.
    Rob was very sweet and nice and his gifts are beautiful...5 could divide with your best friend!;-)

  2. That door hanger is adorable! Love it!

  3. i have received only..a lot of love!
    i imagine that my lovefull boyfriend is saving money for a diamant! ;)))
    gaiolĂ !!

  4. I'm sure!
    He was seen months ago to buy a large piggy bank!!!!!