Thursday, 2 April 2015


Last week, Rob and I were in Berlin. I had to go for a conference and since we had never been, we decided to stay an extra day and explore the city together. It was a great way for me to exit King's College (yes, I am officially unemployed now!) and we loved taking a short but intense holiday in such an extraordinary city. 

Once the conference was over and I was all done with my work duties, Rob and I were on a mission to see as much of Berlin as possible while also trying to relax and enjoy ourselves. Rob loved Berlin more than me but I was still impressed. No doubt, it is a very cool city that is working hard to establish itself as one of the best cities in Europe. History is everywhere in this city, together with culture and art. The highlight of the trip for me was walking along the rests of the Berlin wall in Bernauer Strasse. I felt emotional just looking at what is left and couldn't avoid to think how hard it must have been to live in Berlin in those difficult days. 
Then, I would definitely recommend going all the way up to the glass dome of the Reichstag building and enjoy a superb breakfast at the rooftop cafe'. As for the hotel, we were lucky to stay not in one but two hotels, one in Mitte and the other in the West end. While Mitte is without a doubt a much more interesting area, the hotel in the West area was absolutely divine. If you are in Berlin, make sure to check it out, even if for just a drink in its amazing bar! It's called Hotel Zoo Berlin and is splendid. 

Here are some pics from the hundreds I took. 

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