Sunday, 11 January 2015

Maltby Street Market

In an effort to explore new parts of London and see as much as we can before our imminent move to Wasington D.C., we have vowed to do something we haven't done yet if not every weekend, at least every other weekend. So yesterday we finally paid a visit to Maltby Street Market, a little food market, tucked away under a rail tunnel, just a few minutes from our flat. I first read about this street market on a friend's blog last year and since then it has been mentioned on almost every food or London blog. Both Rob and I (and I think Emilia too!) really liked it. It is a very small market, nothing comparable to Borough Market, but it is incredibly cool and sweet. The highlight was definitely a treat that we took home with us: vanilla cream and butterscotch doughnuts from St. John! We have already planned to go on the list are the Garden Museum, Petersham Nurseries and Hoxton Street Market...oh London, we will miss you much! 

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