Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An amazing shopping experience!

If there was any doubt about Emilia being a shopper or not, we had confirmation that she absolutely loves shopping when this past weekend we went on a shopping spree all together, the three of us! On Friday afternoon Rob left work a bit earlier than usual and we ventured to London shopping mecca, Piccadilly/Regent's Street. We first stopped at the Waterstones in Piccadilly; their children section is divine and Emilia was overwhelmed! She loved everything, from the books to the Christmas decorations, the circus tent, the pom poms and all the soft toys, especially the mini Miffy. She wandered around the shop screaming with excitement all the time. It was so cute to see her so happy!

We then headed to the wonderful Burberry flagship store in Regent's street and there we bought a nice jacket for Miss Emilia. She absolutely loved the store (well, who wouldn't?!) and was very happy to try on the jackets while admiring herself in the mirror and with the support of many female shop assistants. 

As we were having so much fun, we decided to extend our shopping trip a little big and started wandering around Soho. We eventually passed by Whole Foods and had to stop and get some corn bread! If only they had pumpkin pies, I think we would have bought at least three!

It was such a fun experience that we decided to do it all over again on Sunday, this time during day time and in the less crowded Canary Wharf mall. Here we had lunch at Wagamama where Emilia had her first go at using chopsticks (and wow she was good!), bought blue Hunter wellies for Emilia and waved hello to every single passer-by. Oh, and yes, we got a baloon!

Family days our ar so much fun! Even better if there is some shopping involved ;)

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