Monday, 27 October 2014

Last Minute Indoor Halloween Fair

Yesterday we were supposed to go to the Horniman Museum and Gardens for an Halloween Fair. We love that place and when I saw that they had organized an Halloween Fair, I didn't hesitate a minute to tell Rob and Emilia. We were all very excited to go. Sadly, on Saturday evening Emilia got sick, with a very bad sore throat and a bit of temperature too. We had been talking for weeks about the Halloween Fair and now we couldn't go, how disappointing! In order to keep everyone sane spending an entire day at home with a sick and grumpy toddler, I brought the Halloween Fair home! We decorated pumpkins, made woodland inspired artworks and baked a delicious cinnamon bread with a super yummy chantilly cream. All in all it was a sweet Sunday full of family activities and fun! 

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