Saturday, 2 August 2014

Highgate Cemetery

In attempt to do as much as possible and see as many new things as possible here in London before we move (by now, I suppose you all know we are moving to Washington DC, right?! Sad face.) and taking advantage of my parents' help with Emilia, last Saturday Rob and I visited Highgate Cemetery. The cemetery is probably most famous for hosting Karl Marx's grave in the East Cemetery, however, in my opinion, it is the landscape of the West Cemetery that makes this a very interesting tourist attraction in London. Still only for a small, the finest, part of the mass of tourists, the cemetery is incredibly enchanting and magical with its mixture of mystery, evocative atmosphere, magnificent Victorian memorials, and dramatic climbing paths. I absolutely loved walking through the hills of the cemetery and was overwhelmed by a sense of peace as well as anxiety while walking through all those graves. 


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