Saturday, 7 June 2014

Summer Fair!

A few days ago Rob brought home a leaflet publicising a Summer Fair for this weekend in St. John's Wood, in North London, where among lots of other fun things kids were given the chance to meet the one and only Peppa Pig. Needless to say we had to go and I put it immediately in the diary! 

When we woke up this morning the weather wasn't great but the forecast for the afternoon was quite promising with the sun shining and mild temperatures. So, right after lunch we got ready and went. The fair was nice and we met Peppa; although, Emilia was quite shocked by the size of it and I don't blame her. Kids are used to see Peppa as a cartoon and pictured on a thousand gadgets but they don't expect her to be as big as their parents, in fact, even bigger. Emilia didn't quite like this and didn't want to take a picture with her idol. On the other hand, Mummy did and loved it. I am equally a big fun and was quite excited to meet Peppa! I would have loved to have a chat with her but a huge queue of kids behind me forced me to rush out of her tent. Also, Emilia was quite distressed and kept saying *bye bye*. What a shame. Another time. When we left the tent, Emilia kept looking back and said: *Mamma, Peppa, grande, grande-grande!*. So, we left the fair to calm her down and walked all around and through Regent's Park, my favourite park in London. Here Emilia was in her habitat, free to walk and run as she pleased. She was intrigued by everything and everyone. She had an amazing time and once back in the tube, she crashed! She is now peacefully sleeping, her tiny feet ran miles and miles today! 


Back in our neighbourhood, we played a bit with the new statue installations and enjoyed the music and the stalls of the street party. There is always something going on around here! Then back home for dinner and finally nanna! It was a big day for Emilia and all of us.


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