Monday, 14 April 2014

Ishash (?!)

Ishash is the name that Emilia has given to her little friend (boyfriend?!?) Elias. I love that she assigns names to the people she likes. Emilia loves spending time with Elias and today we had a double date: in the morning we took a long stroll to the Southbank and while Katharina and I enjoyed some chats, the view,  and the gorgeous weather, the kids adoringly looked at each other and communicated in their own, super sweet, way. On the way back home we then stopped to play a bit on the grass at Potters Fields to let them loose.


And after a long, energetic nap, we were out again. This time we went to the playground and had so much fun! The two kids clearly like each other, they talked, smiled, and even kissed each other, twice! Shhhh, don't tell Rob :) 


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