Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Have I mentioned how much I love you, London??

It is no secret that I love London. And I love strolling around the city, especially on a sunny day.

There are several advantages of living in the city centre, one of them being that you can walk to many places. Rob walks to his office and it's a ten minute walk (at most!). Luckily, I can also walk to my office and during my fifty-minute walk I get to enjoy some of the most beautiful views of London. Today is a beautiful day and when I left the flat in the morning there was absolutely no doubt I was going to walk to the office.


If, and I say IF, one day I will have to leave this city, I will be heartbroken! It's a priviledge to be in a city you love. Ten years ago I made the choice to be here. Together with its beauty and charm, this city has also given me my husband, my doctorate and job, and my adorable daughter. I love you, London!

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