Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Godparents

Back in December while Rob and I went to Pescara for the Christmas holiday our number one priority was to meet Tommaso, our good friends Ilaria and Cristian's fist son. Tommaso was born on November 3rd and we were dying to meet him. He is absolutely adorable and it was love at first sight! Emilia had been obsessed with him since she saw the very first picture of him on my mobile; since then, every time she sees my phone she asks for *Aso* and literally showers him with kisses. How cute is that? Anyway, in that occasion Cristian and Ilaria also asked us a very important question: "Would you like to be Tommaso's godparents?". Wow, that was emotional, and of course a very easy question. We love Tommaso no matter what but now that we have such an important role in his life we just can't stop thinking about him. It is such an honour to be his godparents and we want to make sure to be the best godparents one can have!

Tommaso turned three months old on February 3rd and just a few days later we celebrated his baptism. Yes, we all did, together. Last weekend Rob, Emilia and I flew to Pescara to be part of this important event of his life, in fact the first and one of the most important ones, his baptism. It was a short stay for us but so intense and full of love. 
On the day of the baptism Rob and I went to Ila and Cri's house and then we all walked together to the church. Tommaso looked like a little prince. He was so beautiful and especially well behaved. 


The ceremony was short but touching and Rob and I fully played the godparents' role. Tommaso was adorable and even smiled when the priest wet his head. My parents came to the ceremony too and brought Emilia along. It was nice to be all together.


After the ceremony we all walked to the restaurant where we ate and drank for what felt like forever! I don't recall the last time I ate so much! It was all very good, of course, and look at the sweet decor!? It was a team effort: the restaurant wrote sweet messages for Tommaso on their boards, I designed the placenames, and the florist made these adorable fish-shaped centrepieces. It was such a nice day of family and celebration. 


We flew back to London the following day. Needless to say, it was a bit stressful but it was worth it! Friends, family, Pescara it was very nice to see you all. It was a very short trip but it's always good to be with you. We miss you and can't wait to see you again soon.

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