Friday, 21 February 2014

First visit to the park of 2014!

The weather in London is glorious today so we had to go out. After debating a little bit where to go, we opted for the little park in Bermondsey street and its playground. When the weather is this good I appreciate even more not to have to work on Friday! It's only February and we made our first visit to the park, yay! 

Bermondsey street is one of my favourite streets in the whole of London and we are very fortunate to live just round the corner. It's full of sweet, little shops and independent cafes' and it has preserved a sort of village-y feeling. No big chains, no Starbucks, no Pret, in sight here! I love it. So, I bought a coffee from a local cafe' and sat with Emilia on a bench. The tennis courts were full of kids having their tennis lessons; they were all approximately two/three years old and of course I could not avoid to think how cute Emilia would look playing tennis. Next year, definitely! Something to add to her list of things to do. At the playground we met Eden, an adorable little girl with blond hair and a huge red bow on it! When the sun is shining everyone is in a good mood, little and big ones. Emilia was a delight. She loved the stroll and the playground and of course didn't want to leave. I had to promise lots of yummy food for lunch at home to get her on the stroller! Today was just a taste of Spring and I simply cannot wait for it! 


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