Sunday, 2 June 2013

A Day at the Farm

Ilaria and Cristian are in town this week and Emilia has been receiving an extra dose of love and attention. And she is loving it! Last Friday we took her to Hackney City Farm, one of my favourite spots in London. Tucked in a little park in the middle of Bethnal Green, in zone two, is this super cute farm full of sweet (and chubby!) animals and a lovely vegetable and fruit garden. Also part of the park is an Italian agriturismo, Frizzante, that serves delicious home-made food all day. 

It was a sunny day in London and we all enjoyed the ride from Tower Hill to Liverpool Street and the walk from here to the farm. Emilia fell asleep on the way allowing us to enjoy a nice farmer's breakfast. And once she was up, we went straight to the animals. She was a bit puzzled at first and I don't think she really loved the ducks and all the noises they were making, but she made friend with the donkey and kept looking at him. After playing with the animals we showed Emilia the garden and all the different kinds of vegetables and fruit plants. She was very calm the whole time and we all had an amazing day. Can't wait to go back! 


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  1. In braccio agli zii e' ancora piu' bella!
    P.S. W il super maialone!