Sunday, 12 May 2013

My first Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers who follow my blog. First of all, I wish a very happy day to my own mother, without a doubt, the best mum I could have ever wished for. I hope to be at least half as good as my mother, and that would already be an amazing achievement. Mum, you are my real model, thank you for all your love and everything you have taught me; my life wouldn't be the same without you. I value the new role I am in and love being a mummy to sweet baby Emilia. And then, of course, happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful girlfriends who make the role of being a mother easy, cool and refreshing every day. You are just the best. And special wishes to all the mothers to be, you are in for a great ride; yes, it's hard at times, but there is nothing better in the whole world! 

My day started with Emilia waking me up with a sweet card in her hands; she was holding that card with such a cheeky smile on her face, it really seemed that she knew what she was doing. In the card Emilia listed all the reasons why she is thankful to have me as a mum. Every day I tell her that now I look after her but one day she will have to take care of me, perhaps even change my diaper (I hope not, but you never know what comes with seniority!) and then I will be grateful to have her with me. It's the circle of life. I also got beautiful flowers, Peppa Pig cookies and four of my favourite magazines to read on this relaxing Sunday. What a lovely day I had. I can't wait to celebrate more Mother's days and I'll work hard to be the best mum Emilia could wish for! Being a mother is the most challenging, yet most rewarding job in the world and I am in for the challenge and the joy.

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