Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Our transatlantic adventure

So, we made it, we are in the big Country!

On Friday morning, at 9.30am, we got picked up by our taxi, destination Heathrow Airport. We were on our way to Baltimore. Needless to say, Rob and I were a bit concerned about the trip and the way Emilia would react, but thankfully the day started very well. Emilia slept through the night before, allowing us to get a good night's rest, woke up in a good mood and made us have breakfast and get ready for the trip. She slept all the way to the airport (she really likes her car rides!) and was in a jolly mood at the airport. This time we decided to travel with the Maclaren and even if it is a bit big for her it is so much easier to fold and lighter than the Bugaboo, it's great for traveling! And Emilia seems very happy and comfy in it.

All the staff at the airport were super sweet and played with Emilia, and she appreciated all the attention. I must say, it is so much nicer to be dealing with smiling, lovely people, they make the trip much less stressfull.

Time at the airport went by very fast. I got to visit the BA lounge for the first time and it was very nice. Rob and I enjoyed lunch there and Emilia slept in her buggy. All in all, a quite relaxing experience, I would say. And then it was time to board. This time we decided to fly premium economy in order to have more space and be a bit more comfy with the baby. However, believe me, not even a private jet would be comfy and big enough! It's crazy how much stuff you need when traveling with a little six-month-old baby!

The first twenty minutes were an absolute nightmare. Emilia didn't want to be sitting down and be costriced in a small place, with the seat-belt fastened. You can imagine how bad we felt to be bothering people and of course we thought: "it's only been twenty minutes - this is going to be a VERY LONG flight!". Thankfully, however, once the seat-belt sign went off and Emilia could start moving around, she was an happy baby again! We tried different positions, used both the bassinet and the bouncer, walked up and down many times and tried to keep her as entertained as possible.


Overall, apart from one major accident, our first transatlantic experience wasn't too bad!

P.S. Curious about the major accident?? Emilia had a HUGE poo in the middle of the flight and I had to change her in the tiny toilet on the plane. We had to throw onesie and leggings...and I'll leave the rest to your immagination :)

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