Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Are you watching me?

Now that we are back from the States we have started working on sleep training Emilia again. We were quite successful when we tried a week before going to Baltimore but then we didn't feel to push our luck while in the US. We have tried three nights so far, the first two don't really count because Emilia was exhausted by the time we put her in bed and fell asleep immediately. Last night, however, she was wide awake when we left her in her crib. She cried for five minutes and Rob and I forced ourselves to be very strong and let her cry for a bit. Five minutes went by and the crying stopped; we checked the monitor and Emilia was no longer in a vertical position. She had moved to a quite uncomfortable, horizontal position and kept looking at the camera. So funny! Of course, we know that she was attracted by the little green light on the camera rather than knowing that we were watching her from the other room but she did have that *Are you watching me?* expression on her face that made us laugh. 

Sweet baby, this is for your own good. Sleep tight! 

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