Monday, 11 February 2013

It's cosy!

As I mentioned before, two weeks ago we moved Emilia to the second bedroom. Sadly, she can't have a proper nursery yet, this is one of the issues of living in a small flat in central London but we felt that the move was necessary and we are doing our best with the space we have.

The transition was painless, Emilia got used to the new environment very easily. For the first two weeks she slept with mum and grandmum; last night was the first night on her own - our baby is all grown up now! For the time being we have decided to keep the bed in the room, so that we can still host family and friends. Of course, from now on, we will be giving up our bedroom and sleep in the guest room with Emilia when we have people over, unless our dear guests are happy to be on baby duty, of course! :)

The second bedroom is much smaller than the master bedroom so it is quite cosy in there now. But I actually like it, I think it is a sweet, colourful place for Emilia. And as you can see, the polka dot obsession continues...


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