Monday, 4 February 2013

Go Ravens!

Emilia has been cheering for the Ravens throughout the season. Given her cultural background she will most probably grow up with an appreciation for American football (as an American citizen), football/soccer (as an Italian citizen), and perhaps cricket as well (as a British citizen). Last night, however, it was all about American football. 

Living in London the kick off was quite late, at 11.30pm, so it was too complicated to watch the game with friends. However, our friends Steph and Andrew, fellow Baltimoreans, hosted an amazing pre-Super Bowl party with a super yummy spread. Among other things, we ate buffalo chicken dip, corn bread, pulled pork, chilli, football shaped cookies and lots of fruit coming out of a watermelon helmet. It was all delicious and we had a great time! 

When we got back home, around 9.00pm, Emilia was already peacefully sleeping and thankfully she stayed down until 7.30am! My mum and I stayed up until kick off and enjoyed the first actions. Rob, instead, was up all night and even struggled to fall asleep once the game was over for all the excitement. 
Thankfully for all of us we could watch highlights as well as the Beyonce concert at noon today and Emilia got to wear her customised Ravens shirt. Thank you uncle Rich! 

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