Monday, 14 January 2013

Peppa Pig

While in Italy for the Christmas break, my dad found a cartoons channel (Rai Yoyo) that had some English cartoons too. Among these, Emilia got hooked to the British Peppa pig. Back to London we had to find it on tv and thankfully there are episodes almost 24/7. 
Those of you who know me well know that I am not a big telly-watcher; if Rob is not at home I don't even turn the tv on, unless there is a documentary I am interested in, a good movie or it's world cup season! I know I will be one of those parents who try to limit their kids' tv-time as much as possible trying to teach her other ways to have fun and entertain herself. For now, however, I think it is very cute that she recognises the song of her favourite cartoon and literally gets hypnotised. Moreover, I love the exaggerated British accent of the characters (Emily the elephant is my favourite!).

Here is a photo of Emilia in trance while watching Peppa pig.

P.S. Funny fact: a couple of days ago, on my way home I stopped at the local newsagent to get a magazine. While I was browsing the fashion section, I heard the *oh-so-recognisable* Peppa pig song; I turned to the counter and saw the shop-assistant at the till (a guy on his late 30s, I'd say) watching Peppa pig on his mobile. It made me smile. When I went to pay I had to ask if he was really watching an episode of the sweet cartoons. Not only he said yes, but he also added that he does it every day since when he gets home from work in the evenings  his daughter questions him on the latest episodes of Peppa pig. I thought it was funny and super sweet. I can see this happening to us at some point...can you imagine me trying to watch an episode of it in the department? Or Rob pretending to be checking something important on his computer during a meeting, while actually watching Peppa?!!

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