Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Emilia and friends

Since we arrived in Pescara, Emilia has been receiving many visits (and gifts!) from lots of family members and friends. It is an absolute joy to see how many people love her and want to come and meet her for the first time. So, on Sunday afternoon we hosted a little tea party for my girlfriends who wanted to see Emi. We had a great time. I have known most of these girls since we were three years old and it is always quite emotional to spend some time together when I am home. Now that some of us have kids too, it is even more special! 

This is the gang: nine adults and three little ones.

My girlfriends and I are so close that even if I don't have any sister, Emilia has got many aunties on my side anyway!

Emilia was literally showered with gifts. Isn't she adorable while she looks inside the box containing all her presents?
Thank you very much, my dearest friends. Emilia and I love you very much!

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