Wednesday, 10 October 2012

E! News

Hi folks, you may wonder why posts on this blog have become less frequent and the answer is: EMILIA! She is a little, one-month baby but boy can she exhaust big mummy and daddy! And this week we even have the grandparents helping out...what are we going to do when it will be only me and Rob!?! 

One of the main issues we are facing these days is colic, and we don't like colic! They cause a lot of pain in Emilia's tummy and therefore in mummy's heart. It's heartbreaking to see her crying because of the tummy cramps. And when she cries she goes purple and it's scary to watch her. 

Other than that, I must say, she is a little angel and is starting to discover the world. Her eyes are more open now and she follows people and objects. She is curious and interested in things. I love strolling around with her and looking at her face while she sees the sky, the clouds, the buildings, the lights, the trees, the birds, the people...

I try to take daily pictures of her but it's getting more and more complicated as she moves constantly. Sometimes it really looks like she is trying to dance! 

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  1. Essendo stata in compagnia del nonno, indimenticabile primo ballerino del VS matrimonio, era inevitabile la passione x la danza!