Sunday, 28 October 2012

8 weeks

Today Emilia is eight weeks old. Weeks just keep flying! 

Not so much has happened this week, apart from the BCG vaccination, of course.

By no means we have settled into a proper routine yet but there has been some progress. First of all, the colic seems to be getting a bit better; in the last four days Emilia has been calm and pain-free throughout the day and then the colic pain has usually kicked in in the evening and lasted for a couple of hours. To those of you who don't have babies or haven't experienced life with a colicky baby this may sound like a lot but believe me two/three hours of crying are nothing when compared to eight/ten! So, hopefully, we are on the right track. Also, we do have some sort of schedule going on. After the second morning feed, around 7.30-9.00 am, while mum and dad have breakfast, Emilia relaxes on the bouncer, having a *free massage* thanks to the vibration, looking outside and playing with the monkey. She feeds regularly every three/four hours and gets bathed twice a week. She also has two sessions of about twenty minutes each in the gym every day. She doesn't last longer than 15-20 minutes, after that she either gets bored or falls asleep. As you can see from these pictures taken after her second work out of the day, exercising is exhausting!

This week coming up will be rather busy: on Wednesday afternoon Emilia has three appointments scheduled at the GP, one for weighing, one with the health visitor and one for the 5 in 1 injection; Wednesday night my mum and grandmum will arrive, so lots of love and attention are on the way! On Thursday afternoon we will have a visit from Rumana and her kids, and on Friday we have an appointment for Emilia's British passport. A busy week indeed. So stay tuned for some updates!

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