Tuesday, 31 July 2012

London 2012 - Olympic Park

Today Rob and I ventured to the Olympic Park. Last week we got tickets to go and visit the park; I was a bit skeptical at first as I thought it would be rather stressful in my condition (I have just entered the ninth month!) but now that we went, I am so glad we did. The only sport event we have tickets for is volleyball which is not played at the Olympic Park, so if we didn't visit it today, we would have not had the chance to see the village otherwise. And it doesn't happen every day to live in a city that hosts the Olympics. So, even if I was a bit tired and out of breath this morning, we left our flat around 9.30am and headed to Stratford. I have to say, I was impressed at how smooth the journey was. The tube was crowded but definitely not overcrowded and once we got there there were so many people helping and directing the crowds that I really didn't feel stressed at all. 

I loved the Olympic Park, I think the Brits did an amazing job. The architecture of every single arena and stadium was simply stunning. Too bad the weather was so crappy today that the pictures don't really give justice to the site. Anyway, here are some of the best pictures we took.

My belly attracted quite a few comments. Everyone was super sweet.
Water Polo Arena
Olympic Stadium and Orbit in the background

Park Live: where you can watch live sport. The hills were packed!
Definitely tired. But happy!
Coca-Cola Beatbox
And we even caught some American TV live. Rob got super excited!
And American medalists being interviewed (Also, Giuliana from E News was there!)

All in all we had a blast. I got home exhausted and had to rest in bed with my very swollen feet up for a couple of hours to recover but it was worth it! We visited an Olympic Park, saw athletes wandering around, had a delicious pork sandwich, and even managed to do some shopping! I would do it again. Brasil 2016, we are coming! That would be nice...

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