Sunday, 29 July 2012

From Aunt Ila, With Lots of Love

Last week Rob and I came back home from a long and tiring day out to find a nice package waiting for us outside our door. The package was addressed to *Baby Otremba*. We got excited! Baby O had just received her first package, completely addressed to her. That's exactly what we needed to cheer us up!

As soon as we got inside our flat, we went to the bedroom and opened the package. Inside there were several presents all nicely wrapped. It was an explosion of colours. A pink note read: *If Baby O doesn't go to her baby shower, the baby shower goes to Baby O*. I thought it was incredibly sweet, you all know how sad I was to miss my Italian baby shower. 

Rob and I both chose which presents we wanted to open and the fun began. Inside, lots of lovely clothes for our little princess and sweet notes from aunt Ilaria, her mother and our good friends Mario and MariaPaola.  Thank you all, you made our day. 

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  1. It's a pleasure to make happy my niece.
    With love, Aunt Ila!