Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Is She Ready?

My bump has dropped down considerably in the last few days, it's very low now, or at least that's how it feels. Also, Baby O has been moving more than usual, you can literally see parts of her body stretching out of my belly. She kicks so hard that it hurts. I wonder if she is trying to tell us that there isn't enough space for her anymore, or perhaps that she is getting bored. 
I was born early and the doctors have been telling me that there is a chance our baby will be early too. Of course, nobody can really say. My mum was due August 23rd and I was born on July 17th, so more than a month before the due date. Apparently with no warning whatsoever, on the night of the 17th my mum was in bed when she felt completely wet and realised that her water broke. No pain, no contractions, absolutely nothing. Now, I am not saying that it is already go time for us, but it's probably wise to be prepared. 

With that in mind we have been cracking on with the list of things to buy and sort out for the baby. Here is an update:

1. Cot (+ bedlinen and accessories): We have ordered the Stokke. We chose the grey option and opted for white bedlinen, bumpers and canopy. All the accessories have arrived already while the cot should be delivered in the next couple of days. I will post a picture once we assemble it. I can't wait to have it next to my side of the bed!

2. Pram (=stroller): We wanted a Bugaboo and we ordered a Bugaboo! We knew that we wanted a Cameleon, we just had to choose the colour. I loved the denim base with the cream carrycot but we thought that cream wasn't a very clever choice, it could stain easily. I also liked the grey base with the soft pink carrycot but Rob thought that pink was a too obvious choice for a baby girl; also, if we will have a second child and we will have a boy, pink wouldn't work at all, and given how expensive the Cameleon is, it probably made more sense to go with a neutral colour. We therefore opted for the new, limited edition jade green with the grey base (not black as in this picture). Green is Rob's favourite colour. It's also my mum's favourite colour and given that she is sponsoring this, we thought green was the right choice. It's also a new colour, which means there aren't many in London yet, which is good, considering that 90% of the prams in London are Bugaboos. At least, we are a bit original with the colour. And I have to say, in person, this shade of jade green is really beautiful. It should be delivered tomorrow morning. Again, I will post pictures once we assemble it, hoping that it won't be difficult to do it. 

3. Changing table (+ mattress): We would like to go with the nice one I posted previously on this blog, however, it is only sold in an independent baby boutique in Putney Bridge (still in London but not very close to us). Rob has all the details and will call tomorrow to see if we can place an order on the phone, given that it's not possible to buy it online. For the changing table we will use the money that Rob's parents have generously given us for the baby. Thanks!

4. Wardrobe: bought and built. I have already stored and hung all Baby O's clothes. Pictures to come.
5. Car seat: we are still investigating whether we actually need to get one or not. We don't have a car, so we wouldn't really be using it much, but we need to understand what the legal requirements are when you take a cab. Apparently, it may be possible to just enter with the pram into the cab and then fasten the seat-belt all around it. Eventually, we will have to get a car seat, two in fact, for when we go to Italy and the US but for now we may be able to avoid this expense. Fingers crossed!
6. Bouncer chair: I finally accepted that I would not be able to find a bouncer chair I really liked. However, I found one from Mamas and Papas that is quite discrete and not too flashy. It still has all the important features, however: four lullabies (I hope the tunes are good!), gentle vibration function, and detachable toy arch. I like the fact that the arch is detachable in case Baby O doesn't really like the toys! For the bouncer we are using money that has been given to us by a family friend, thanks so much Joyce!

All the other items on the to-buy-list (i.e. bath tub, nappy disposal system, baby carrier, changing bag, pump, milk bottles, binkies, steriliser) are still to be bought, apart from the digital scale that we have decided not to buy! Nevertheless, we have made good progress and in the next few days we should have all the essentials so if she is ready, we are too!

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