Saturday, 26 May 2012

Steph's baby shower

Today was the day: Steph's baby shower! 

I had been looking forward to this for quite a while, my first baby shower, and what a lovely day it was. London was beautiful today, the sky was very blue and it was sunny all day, perhaps it was even a bit too hot for a pregnant woman. I can't believe a beach-town girl like me can't take the heat anymore. Pregnancy, what are you doing to me and my poor feet??!! :) 
I left my flat late in the morning, faced the heat and headed to Natalie's place. By the time I got to Barnes, where Natalie lives, my dress was full of sweat patches and my feet adorned with many blisters and cuts. Sweet! It will be nice to have my body back in a few months, or at least I hope so. 

When Amy and I got to Natalie's the other girls were already there. The first thing to do was to take a picture with Steph, bump by bump. Steph is ten weeks ahead of me but for whatever reason I look bigger than her. Gosh, I am really getting big! 

When Natalie invites you to a cupcakes and tea event you know you are going to get amazing cupcakes. She is just too good at making them. Rob loves them and actually asked me to bring him some back, which I forgot (pregnancy brains?!). 

It was such a fun day. We first ate and then we all gave Steph our gifts, which she really seemed to like. It's always nice to open gifts but I think it's even more special to open gifts for your new baby!

In truly WI spirit, we then got crafty and decorated onesies for Baby Girl. We had so much fun!

And here are the results, aren't they lovely?

I had such a great time, I love spending time with the girls. Now, I am looking forward to my baby shower!

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