Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Honey, does my bump look big in this?

I have just got back from an all-day workshop and am exhausted. Let me just say that with this heat we were in a room with no windows and a very poor functioning air conditioning. Everybody was suffering but I suppose things are worse for a pregnant lady. Anyway, I toughened up and thankfully got to the end of the day in one piece

What I loved about the workshop was all the attention by bump got. At lunch and tea breaks we were all talking about babies and being pregnant. One common comment from the attendees was: "Wow, your bump is very big!" Now, as soon as I got home I decided to take a picture (Rob is not in town so I had to use Photo Booth, hence the poor quality) so that you can judge. I think this bump is literally growing day by day. I am now 27 weeks pregnant and officially in month 7; and for the curious ones, I have put on 7 kilos. What do you think? Does my bump look very big? Too big even? 

By the way, this is not a maternity dress, so I am thinking: if I can still fit into this dress, which I have bought years ago and wore it so many times in my skinny days, I am still fine, right? :) 

And for those of you who are not on Facebook and therefore haven't seen these pictures already, here are two pictures I had fun taking. I needed some fun activities after a long day in a boiling hot cage, you see!

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  1. You are right on track... rock the bump! It only get harder in the end lol.