Friday, 13 April 2012

Week 20: half way there!

As I have now hit the 20th week, I am officially half way through and lots of things have happened. First of all, I took Baby O to lovely Pescara! We were in Italy for a full week and enjoyed lots of good food and great company. My parents' garden was simply beautiful and we enjoyed walking and eating outside.

On my first day in Pescara I had an appointment with my gynecologist; my mum was dying to find out the sex of Baby O to buy something pink or blue, so we decided to give it a try. Baby O wasn't really cooperating during the scan, showing the back most of the time. At the end of what felt like a very long scan the doctor concluded that it was probably a girl since she couldn't see any boy bits. We trusted her, even if, of course, it didn't sound too convincing. However, I know my gynecologist very well and she would have never dared to say anything like that if she wasn't at least 90% sure. So, mum and I headed to the city centre and hit one of our favourite baby boutique, Bebe', where we bought a lovely Burberry pink onesie and a cute scalloped bib. We then visited a local confectionery shop and bought a pink, little Easter egg. I know I ate the chocolate but Baby O ended up having at least half of it, that's where all my food ends up, no?!?

As soon as we started spreading the news, people started giving us cute pink and girlie gifts and I was getting a bit concerned about this sex thing: what if Baby O is actually a boy? But I loved the gifts! One of my mum's colleagues made an Easter bunny wearing an adorable dress made with vintage cotton. I loved it! It will be Baby O's first toy. 

One afternoon I invited all my girlfriends for an afternoon tea. Mum and grandmum baked for 100 people! It was great to spend some time with my friends and they were all genuinely happy to see me and my little bump. I got lots of compliments, which is great as I don't really feel particularly good or good looking at the moment. My friends wouldn't lie, right? :)

It was hard to leave Pescara and all the love that comes with it but I know you guys are with me and experiencing this pregnancy of mine as if it were yours. I love you all deeply. 

Back to London two important things happened: first of all I weighted myself to find out that I have finally gained a bit of weight. Don't get too excited, it's only two kilos...but it's something, I suppose! Also, and more importantly, we had our anomaly scan where they confirmed that we are indeed having a girl (thank God I don't have to return all those lovely gifts!) and that Baby O is growing perfectly. It was great to see her again, I love her chubby little legs, she moves them so much you can't even see them in the pics. As for the French nose, I am not sure where she gets it...definitely not from me nor Rob :)

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