Monday, 19 March 2012

Week 16: The week of butterflies

Every week brings something new and the 16th week for me has been the week of the butterflies. I entered the week on Wednesday and that same evening I started to feel something in my belly. It's definitely not the baby kicking yet, too early for that, but after some reading I understood that it's not just air in my stomach but it is indeed the baby moving, and I must say, Baby O moves a lot! It's an interesting feeling, as anything with pregnancy. It feels like my stomach has been filled with water and there are things floating in there. It's not painful at all, perhaps a tiny bit uncomfortable. But then when you think that that is your baby having fun in there, it all becomes acceptable! 

This week I have also learnt that unfortunately I haven't said goodbye to nausea for good. The last couple of days have been atrocious. Oh well, it's part of the game, I guess. One thing, however, that I have decided to do, is to give some more thoughts on what I am going to wear. I have to say, it is not easy to dress up when you feel crap and don't look good. But if you pay no attention to what you are wearing and you don't look after yourself, you are just going to look even more miserable. 

So tip number one for Vale: add some colour to your wardrobe (hopefully the transition to Spring will help as my Winter clothes are all navy, grey and black!) and wear a little bit of make up if you are too pale or your eye shadows are just too big!

I am still not wearing tight clothes so my belly is not that visible...but that's my style in general. Maybe I'll get better at that!

Vale 16 weeks + 4 days (front)

Vale 16 weeks + 4 days (side)

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  1. You are beautiful with this dress, a nice mummy!
    I love know!