Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Baby O, you have got mail!

Since we announced that we were expecting a baby we have received so much support and excitement from everybody, it has been amazing to see how much loved we are. And Baby O is going to get all this love, and more. A few days ago my mum told me that now Baby O has the priority on everything and that I come second, not something an only child like me is used to hearing! :) But it is true. When I was sick and couldn't move from either my bed or the bathroom, all I could think of was Baby O's health, not mine. It's incredible how things can change when you become a mother, or are close to become one. 

My mum is dying to start buying things for her little grandchild but until we know the sex I have asked her to wait. I am getting impatient too but hopefully in just a couple of weeks we will know whether we are having a boy or a girl and then we can go crazy shopping. This, however, hasn't prevented our sweet friends from sending us some gifts. 

The first gift came from the parents-to-be Steph and Andrew; they bought us a lovely book to help us decide on the baby's name. I have to say, so far we haven't been successful. We have a rule, namely that the name must sound nicely both in Italian and English, but other than that, we cannot agree on anything. Also, Rob refuses to talk baby names until we find out the sex, while that's the only thing I want to talk about these days. It won't be easy! 
And then a couple of days ago we received a lovely package from our good friend Jen. The package came from the MOMA Store and in it we found a gift for mama and one for Baby O, sorry nothing for you Rob...if I come second, you definitely come third! For me Jen picked these lovely teaspoons that I had on my Dear Santa list. Aren't they super cute? I was actually hoping Rob could collect them in one of his trips to NYC, but Jen came first, thank you friend! And for Baby O there was a set of cool animal cards. I have played with Rob already and we had fun, let's hope Baby O is just as silly as us. When I called Jen to thank her, she told me that she wanted to send something to make me feel a bit better given all the sickness I had been going through. I thought it was an amazing gesture.
It's great to have friends like you and baby O is lucky to be spoiled by all of us!

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  1. We are not any closer to having a name either!! Good luck, can't wait to find out what you're having!!