Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My New Commute

Now that we are settled (well, kinda!) at the new place, I am experimenting with my new commute options. Until now I have been walking to the office, which is great, and it normally took me about 45 minutes. It's a bit long but doable and also that was my daily dose of excercise since I don't do anything else!

From Shad Thames to my office I now have the following options:

1. Walk: it takes me 50 minutes. I did it yesterday and this morning and loved it.

{me this morning, walking and wearing my funky Lanvin sneakers}

2. Tube: Tower Hill - Temple. I tried it last Friday and it took me 30 minutes door to door. Not bad.

3. Boat, Thames Clippers. I haven't tried this yet but I reckon it would take me about 30 minutes. Wouldn't it be super cool to commute by boat!?!

4. Bike. There is a Boris Johnson's bike docking station right outside our new building and one right outside the office. Perfect! I have never cycled in London before but, what do you think, 30 minutes should be enough, right?

In any case, it's nice to have options and whatever I decide to do, these are just some of the lovely things I will be admiring on my way to, and from work:

{All pictures are mine. I took them this morning while walking to the office.}

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  1. I vote for roller blading to work. You could get lessons from the DDH guy downstairs.