Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Where is the Catch?

Sorry folks, another post about our desperate house hunting. 

Last week I spotted this beautiful three bedroom, two bathroom cottage in Chiswick on the Foxtons website. I immediately fell in love with it. First of all, it's a house and not a flat; it has two bathrooms (very rare!) and a lovely back garden, and oh that kitchen! Now, the thing that surprised me the most was that for once, something I like was within budget. And in Chiswick, a glorious area. Too good to be true. So last Saturday Rob and I headed to the Chiswick to find out where the catch was.

While driving there with our estate agent I was picturing the neighborhood and thought it would be ugly. Yes, that was the answer, the neighborhood must be bad. Quite on the contraty, it could not be more beautiful. The little street where the cottage is is dreamy, with so many nice houses and very leafy. But there is more: the street is parallel to the river and you know my need to stay close to the water (I am a beach town girl, don't forget!). Now, honestly, what's up with this place? And then we realised...

The house is even more lovely in person and that kitchen that attracted my attention is even bigger than I thought. The whole place is superb and very sleek. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the house itself. Except, it's at the very end of the street, next to the busiest highroad ever. This means: noises 24/7 and zero relaxation and use of the garden. Sigh!

Now, how do we go back from this to tiny two bedroom flats?

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