Saturday, 9 July 2011

Relief and Hope

This morning Rob and I took a pleasant trip to Highgate to view a flat to rent. We don't go to Highgate that often but we know the area and it is just lovely. However, we had zero expectations for the flat itself; we have been looking at flats for quite a bit now and we have got to understand the *London standards*. This flat, however, was simply beautiful. The location, a lovely house in a leafy street, wood floors throughout, amazing interiors, period features, a fireplace and a cute garden. Seriously, this flat had it all. For the first time we entered a flat in London and loved it. The owner, a nice lady named Sophie, keeps it very nicely and had candles burning for our pleasure. Not to mention the fact that the candles burning were my favourite scent ever: fig leaf, the same ones I use for our own flat! 
A couple of pictures of the flat for you:

The only problem with this flat, and the reason why we are NOT renting it, is that there is zero storage space. Seriously, apart from a small built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom and a tiny cupboard in the living area there is absolutely no storage unit and no space to add any extra furniture. Ok, perhaps Rob and I have way too much stuff but I don't think anybody would be able to live in this flat without having storage-space-issues! And perhaps this is why a cute flat like this is still available.
When we left I felt incredibly frustrated. For the first time in months we had finally seen something we liked but yet again we couldn't do anything with it. There is always something with these London flats and I am starting to think we will never find a decent place in this otherwise amazing city. 
Rob, however, was able to cheer me up. He had his theory: the place we saw this morning was a) a relief, it means that there are cool places in London we can afford and b) it gives us hope and strength to keep looking!

The hunt continues...

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