Saturday, 11 June 2011

To my colleagues

On Friday my colleagues organised a trip to the pub in my honour to wish me a nice trip to Italy and a great wedding day. I thought it was such a lovely idea, and I was touched. They gave me a card and a nice gift. This was totally unexpected. 

Despite the fact that my blog has got absolutely nothing to do with my day job, and it's most probably of no interest to my colleagues whatsoever, I know that some of them still read it, which I find cute. So you, colleagues-readers, this is for you: Thank you ever so much!

It is so important to work in a nice environment and I am very lucky to have great colleagues to share my day with. If you think about it, we spend an average 35-40 hours per week with our colleagues; that's a lot of time. My job is definitely not the most glamorous one, I have never heard any of my friends saying: "I am so jealous, I wish I had your job!". However, I do have the best colleagues and this is why every day I am happy to go to the office. I know I will smile and laugh, and that's what counts.

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