Monday, 11 April 2011


Finally, we have been able to join the London cycling gang and I must say, cycling in London is no picnic! 

We had a very sunny and warm day on Sunday, so Rob and I decided to hire a bike and wander around our area. We are very lucky to have a docking station right outside our flat; so after spending a few minutes reading the instructions and understanding what to do, we were on our bikes. We went down to the river side, crossed the Tower Bridge and made it to St. Katharine's Docks where we stopped to do some food shopping at Waitrose. 

I absolutely loved going around by bike but I must confess that I found it a bit tricky. A) I didn't really know where to go. Please, first time bikers, make sure you remember to keep left, Rob and I had some troubles there. B) Trucks and buses don't really care about you. Make sure you remember that! C) There's too much to admire, crossing the Tower Bridge by bike was very cool but I kept looking around forgetting that I was on the road!

I am sure we'll bike again, especially if we keep getting this amazing weather. Perhaps next time we'll just hire a bike in Hyde Park and enjoy a ride there.

P.S. My legs are sore!

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