Thursday, 21 April 2011

Special Moments

{photo from here}
Yesterday afternoon I had my first dress fitting. My mum and nana flew from Italy for the occasion and I was very happy to have them around for this special moment. All day I kept thinking of the dress and imagining myself wearing it. I was so concerned I wouldn't like it anymore or worse that it wouldn't fit me well. I left work early and headed to Sloane Square where I was supposed to meet with mum and grandmum to go to the shop. When I arrived they were waiting for me and grandmum was holding a vase of wonderful lily of the valleys. Their smile when they saw me touched me. We were all very excited and perhaps emotional too. 

Trying on my dress was a beautiful experience and thankfully I liked it even more than when I bought it, now over four months ago. We all cried, even the shop assistant. It is a very special moment when you wear your wedding gown for the first time, it was special for me but it must be even more special for a mother to see her daughter wearing a white dress and for a grandmother to see her granddaughter all grown up and ready for the big day. 

I am very close to my mum and grandmum and I am very happy we get to share moments like this. I love it when the three of us are together, cooking, crafting or simply chatting. Three generations in one room. And I hope to be lucky enough to add the fourth generation into our little circle soon; I know grandmum would love it!

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