Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sale: The Magic Word

{image from notonthehighstreet}

Today, without leaving the flat for not even one minute, in the comfort of my kitchen, wearing my pijamas and sipping a cup of green tea I managed to spend money. All I needed was my MacBook and the amazing Internet. Let me just say: I think I have become addicted to online shopping. You may argue that my addiction actually started a long time ago, which is true, but I think now I am not even particularly enjoying it, I just do it. It's so easy and tempting. I almost feel like I have to do it. How can one avoid to buy something online whit all the good deals available? I am registered with so many online shops and companies that every day very religiously send me recommendations and suggestions on what I should buy. Every day I have a look at the items selected for me and almost every day I find something to buy. Sometimes I resist the temptation, may times I buy very nice and useful things, other times I just end up buying things I don't particularly like or need buy hey, they were on sale, it was a very good deal, I could not avoid it, right? In case you are curious: Today I bought some Orla Kiely bath towels and pillow cases (very lovely!), a TBA silk cream dress and a See by ChloƩ top. All on sale. It doesn't really matter that I probably didn't need any of these items and I don't really have space where to store more towels and pillow cases, let alone clothes. They were on sale, I liked them enough and I bought them.

So, what's in this magic word, SALE? Why am I so attracted to it? Why am I so weak? I am sure I am not the only one so please tell me you do it too!

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