Monday, 24 January 2011

For a Stylish Bathroom

Remember my post about my love for the wonderful Mademoiselle Chair? Well, sometimes, blogging helps! My best friend Ilaria who will be my witness at my wedding has expressed the desire to give us a Mademoiselle Chair as a wedding gift! I just have to choose the print! How exciting is that?!

Since the big news landed into my brain, I have been thinking and imagining where to accommodate Her. I thought that perhaps the living room or the bedroom, or maybe the study room or even the nursery (in an imaginary house!) would be the best options. I would have never thought to confine Le Mademoiselle in a bathroom...but then I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy and, let me say, I love it! Perhaps I need more than one chair??? One for each room? Of course, I would pick different prints...

What do you think? Would you ever put such a lovely, and expensive, chair in a bathroom?


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