Friday, 3 December 2010

Christmas Markets

Yesterday valeasc had its first appearance in the Christmas Markets world and it was absolutely fantastic!

I took the afternoon off to make sure I'd be ready for the fair. I tried the table set-up at home and made a couple of changes until I was 100% satisfied with it. And then I burned my advent candle and left everything on the table as I wasn't sure the fair was indeed going to happen. It had been snowing for hours and there was no sign it would cease anytime soon. Both Rob and I called the organisers and the school where it was going to be held many times and every time we got the same response: Yes, of course! So, I patiently packed all my goodies in my lovely, big, white basket and booked a taxi.

We arrived at St. John's School in Highbury around 5.00; the market would start at 6.30, so we were quite early. That was the only time we could find a taxi available, the snow really paralises this city! When we got there, there were already a couple of other stallers and we started getting organised. We picked our table next to the heater, which turned out to be a very wise choice! The tables were much much smaller than I thought but I used the basket as an extension, so it wasn't a big problem, really.

Rob and I didn't expect anybody to turn up, instead, despite the weather, people started gathering around the school as soon as the doors opened and people kept coming and going all night long. I sold several things and had a lot of fun! My best sellers of the night were the little white crocheted doilies, hardened and tied with red and white polka-dots ribbons and the felt decorations. Definitely a lovely night!

Now, I look forward to my next fair on Saturday the 11th at Christ Church, Highbury. See you there!

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  1. Ciao Valentina,
    Scusami se scrivo su questo post che non c'entra oggi ho visto i tuoi biglietti save the date in un blog e mi chiedevo se ti andava che li pubblicassi anche nel mio. Ho un blog sui matrimoni italiani ed è rivolto agli stranieri che desiderano sposarsi in italia...mi piacerebbe tanto perchè sono proprio carini...prova a dare un' ciao, stefania