Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ella's Bakehouse

Ok, so there are several very good cupcake shops in London and many of these are quite popular: Lola's cupcakes, Primrose bakery, The Hummingbird bakery ...
But yesterday for the very first time I discovered this little cupcake shop in the very heart of Covent Garden and I fell in love! One thing I am asking: how can it be that I keep discovering new things in places where I go pretty much every day!? How could I miss this little gem? This is the magic of London!

Ella's bakehouse is a tiny little shop at one of the corners of the beautiful Covent Garden Piazza. What I loved about it, apart from the super lovely cupcakes, was probably the fact that it is very small, not pretentious at all, which means it only has five seats! And the stools themselves are quite cool, very old style, diner-type, red leather stools.
My friend Steph and I went there last night to celebrate my engagement and we could have not picked a better place. Quite girlie, as you'd expect from a cupcake shop, but not too much! Don't forget the *Happy Days* style stools! Boys, fans of Fonzie, you are welcome too!

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