Saturday, 30 January 2010

Little Venice

The weekend started in a very relaxing and peaceful way.

This morning Rob and I decided to explore the wonderful area of Maida Vale. We have been living in London for over five years now and I cannot believe we never made it to this beautiful residential district in north-west London, where all the houses are white and wonderful. The southern part of Maida Vale is known as Little Venice and this is where we fell in love with the area. Canals and boat-houses are everywehere here and the atmosphere is simply breathtaking.

We wandered around for a good hour until we found a cosy cafe' on a little boat where we enjoyed a full English breakfast. The weather was glorious, cold yes, but sunny and bright. From the little window next to our round wood table all we could see were swans and boat houses, it was so peaceful. If I were I boy, I would propose to my girlfriend here!

We then walked down to Edgware road. I read on a magazine about a new chocolaterie, Cocomaya, just yesterday and knew I had to pay a visit soon. This double shop, baker + chocolaterie, has soon become one of my favourite spots in London and despite the outrageous prices, I know I will go back again and again. We had an espresso and a cocoa and marzipan chocolate, plus two complimetary brownies. The ambience is surreal and apparently the shop is a celebrities fave! Another reason to go back.

From Edgware road we walked down to Victoria crossing the most elegant streets of west London. Seriously, this is a fantastic city!! Yes, of course I wish I could be in a 4 bedroom house in Maida Vale rather than in my tiny place in south London, but for now...this is all I can do!

So, two recommendations if you live in London or are planning a visit: Maida Vale and Cocomaya.

Tomorrow: Battersea Park. You can never get bored in London!

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  1. This place is a dream!
    Next time I come in London you must bring me there.
    Cocomaya needs no comment but only to taste

    P.S.Do you send suggestions to Rob for the proposal?