Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It's a Vintage Deal, Pink and Teal!

On July-17th I celebrated my 30th birthday!

Who said that turning 30 is depressing?? I had the best time ever! I totally enjoyed organising the party, from the invites, to the decor, from the food to the outfit, everything was somehow *homemade*!
I loved it!

I had three parties!
The main party was vintage, pink and teal inspired and I think it came out well! My guests seemed to like the decor and particularly the food!

I found that a baby-girl bow on your head can help you forget how old you are :)

My wonderful friends were all wearing vintage, pink or teal outfits. I saw so many gorgeous grandmums' dresses that night! Rob was wearing a beautiful blue, skinny tie with teal roses that my dad bought when he was 20 (he is now 55)!

Overall, I had a blast! What's next?

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