Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Busy Busy

I am a quite busy person all the year round but I believe I can fairly say that the last few weeks have been particularly crazy!
At work there was a lot to do, given also that today is my last day there; my other work, my "real" passion, has kept me up for a series of nights! I have made, wrapped and labelled so many cards to bring to the shops in London and Pescara where I am about to start selling them. There has not been one night when I was able to go to bed before 1.00, mostly 2.00 o'clock! But I loved it! The trouble is that when you start creating, you can't stop! So, even if I felt tired and my brain told me it was time to go to bed, once under the comfy duvet cover, my mind and imagination would start travelling towards new horizons and then I would ask myself if I should get up and make another card with a different colour or pattern?
So work and hobby have kept me busy...the result is that now, less than 20 hours before my departure to Italy, I am still doing laundry, ironing and deciding what to bring! Plus, this weather does not help: one day is rainy and windy, the other day is super sunny and hot!
I better go back to work now...

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