Sunday, 22 February 2009

valeasc express

So, I finally got the chance to thank Rob for all his gifts for Valentine's Day. Yesterday evening I organised a quite special night-in and made a rather yummy dinner! Now, since I worked all morning and had to run several errands in the afternoon, I did not have much time to spend for the organisation of a grand dinner...Panic not, Nigella Express is one of the books on my kitchen shelf! I started cooking at 20:15 and everything was ready by 21:00!
Here is the menu:
-bruschetta with tomatoes
-bruschetta with avocado and lime
Main course:
-gammon steak with vinegar and parsley sauce
+ Chianti
-peas and mint
-baby potatoes with chorizo
-brown basmati, red camargue and wild rice with lemon juice and olive oil
-bowl of diced oranges and wallnuts
If you need a quick and easy to make menu to impress your guests, I would totally reccommend this one!!
My thank-you project went on this morning with a delicious brunch (it was supposed to be breakfast but we got up sooo late! It worked out well though, no lunch to cook :)):
-pancakes and blueberry syrup (instructions: put the syrup and fresh blueberries into a pan and bring to boil. Let bubble for 2-3 mins and then pour into a jug. Ready to serve!) - Another great Nigella's idea!

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