Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Places I {heart} in the world: #Positano

I simply LOVE travelling and if I could, I would be always on the road!

My dad taught me the beauty of discovering new places and mingling with new cultures and I am very thankful to him for all the amazing trips he organised fot the family to enjoy. I have travelled a lot with my parents, I wish I could still travel that much now!

This rubrica of the blog is dedicated to the places in the world I truly love.

First on the list is what I call my *happy place in the world*. I am going to be jingoistic here but I have to start with a place in Italy: Positano.

The first time I went to Positano I was 24 and had just graduated. My friend Ilaria and I organised a trip there to celebrate both my birthday and the end of univ and had an amazing time! I knew I had to come back at some point with the love of my life! Positano is probably the most romantic place I have ever been (yes, even more romantic than Venice! And definitely more romantic than Paris!) so I knew that I had to take Mr. Right there...So WE did go two years ago and Positano became *Rob's happy place in the world* too!

If you have never been, here are some useful ideas and tips:

  1. make sure the hotel you book is as close as possible to the sea. You will have to do a lot of "climbing" anyway but it is much better if your hotel is not on top of the hill! Rob and I stayed at a small, family-run, hotel that I would totally recommend. Check it out: It is in the heart of Positano and very close to the beach! The staff is super friendly and breakfast just delicious!

  2. make sure you know how "tricky" it is to drive alongside the Amalfi Coast. We used my little Fiat Panda to go there and I would recommend you'd use the smallest car you have/can. Travel safe: the roads are VERY narrow! But if you are not driving, have a look around and soak yourself in the beauty of the view in front of you! It is simply divine!

  3. all the restaurants in Positano serve amazing food. No particular recommendations here. But make sure you have seafood pasta, babba' and limoncello! For an after-dinner treat, I would suggest music on the rocks

  4. visit Capri: a fascinating island right in front of Positano. Several boats connect the two during the day. Once in Capri, be adventurous and do explore the island on foot. Rob and I "circumnavigated" the island and it was the best experience ever! You don't get a more breathtaking view than that! Also, make sure you have an espresso in the so famous piazzetta!

  5. visit Pompei, the amazing Roman city, a close (but not easy!) drive from Positano. And if you don't want to drive, you can take the train from Sorrento (hop on a regular bus from Positano to Sorrento and then take the train to Pompei). Don't expect a big organisation in the archaeological site, don't forget we are in Italy!, but do walk around the town and enjoy every little bit of it: from the magnificent view of Mount Vesuvius to the thousands of mosaics and wall-plasters. It really is an amazing and unique experience!! Be prepared to walk a lot under a burning sun!! And since you are there, go visit the smaller Herculaneum, a real gem!!

Oh, just writing about it makes me want to go...let's see, when could I go!?


  1. You've given me the sudden urge to book a trip to Italy! Wow...the photos of Pompei are gorgeous. Time to take a vacation...Thank you!

    Kung Fu

  2. me&you in Positano...good memories...

  3. oh,sorry ,Forgive me for the temerity to enter your blog ,i am a stranger,i like your blog very much,it's so cute and funny!
    bless you!

  4. Vale...I think you missed the pic with the Paul Smith towel in Positano...isn't it? : )